Straight Punch Gold Class 85


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Straight Punch upper tool for bending machine and hydraulic press brake. Made By TFI co Available in Saudi Arabia UAE Qatar Oman And Kuwait.
The size for this tool is 150 x 26 and angle is 85 degrees.

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AED 17,800 tax incl.


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TFI Co. Provides “Straight Bending Punch Upper Tool” For Press brake Machine for Metal Working Industries made of High Quality Alloy Steel With Well Structured Clusters Chemical Composition, Hard and Grinded Well tested for Multi U channel Formation Purposes available in United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi Dubai Sharjah Ajman Ras Al Khaimah ) , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar
The size for this tool is 150 x 26 and angle is 85 degrees.

Special grade steel, such as BOHLER Steel or Type 4 Molybdenum Steel, is typically used to make punch and die.

The majority of the force produced by the press brake is handled by the die and the punch.

Thus, to maintain this tonnage, high-strength hardened steel is essential. T10 grade, T8 grade, 42CrMo grade, and Cr12MoV are further popular steel grades used to make the proper press brake tooling.

For press brake tooling, Chromoly, or Chromium-Molybdenum Steel is thought to be the ideal material.

Chromoly steel is incredibly strong and resistant to corrosion.

As such, it offers a long service life and the capacity to handle all press brake requirements. Another excellent choice for press brake tooling is tungsten carbide, which offers excellent quality at a fair price.

Our factories are located around the world for the best reach to the customers and traders around the region. To know more about factories of TFI Co., please click here .

Depending on:

  • the time of the order
  • the amount of the order
  • Delivery point for the blades

Our management, using the latest finest technology, makes the decision to allocate the order to the right TFI Co. factory and ensures a seamless experience with TFI Co. logistics and payments.

The choice of segments for TFI Co. press brakes are standard. Please refer to this link for knowing more about segment standards.

All of our segments come with 1 piece of left ear and 1 piece of right ear for press brake punches to serve your application for bending profiles better and give you more space for better maneuvers. In the sizes of body thickness, there are tolerances and the standard of the tolerance is based on DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) 7168.

All tools come with maximum tonnage capacity, which are the safety factors for the usage of the tools. TFI Co. strongly advises all customers to stay within the range of the capacity of the tools for their own staff safety and to make sure to only apply the mentioned force, not more.