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Mark Protection on metal part, film to prevent any metal working bending operation proof on workpiece metal sheets . Solution of TFICo for stopping Mark and unwanted lines after bend operation on metal parts UAE Saudi qatar oman dubai jeddah sheffeild remscheid iran

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Urethane Layer to eliminate press brake die witness, Mark Protection on metal part, film to prevent any metal working bending operation proof on workpiece metal sheets . Solution of TFICo for stopping Mark and unwanted lines 


Urethane Mark Free Die Bending Film

TFI Co offers the ultimate solution to eliminate witness marks and unwanted lines during press brake bending operations. Our Urethane Mark Free Die Bending Film, also known as Mark Less Bending Film or Press Brake Bending Film, provides a protective layer that prevents any metal working proofs on your valuable workpiece metal sheets.

Tuff Bending Film for Mark Protection

With our Tuff Bending Film, you can ensure the pristine condition of your components during press brake bending, whether it's manual or power folding. This film acts as a barrier, avoiding scratching or marking of your components and leaving them in perfect shape.

Non Marking Polystrip for Precision Bending

TFI Co introduces Non Marking Polystrip, an innovative film specifically designed for precision bending operations. It is commonly used for bending stainless steel, aluminum, or other polished materials. By applying this film, you can save valuable time by eliminating the need for secondary polishing operations.

Experience the Difference with TFI Co

At TFI Co, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality protective films for press brake bending. Our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction have made us a trusted partner in the industry. We offer our film solutions in UAE, Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, catering to the needs of manufacturers in these regions.

Enhance Efficiency with Protective Film

Our protective film is specifically designed for bending operations on press brakes. It offers reliable protection and prevents marking or scratching on delicate surfaces. By using our film, you can significantly reduce the need for post-bending polishing, saving valuable time and resources in your production process.

Easy Application and Versatility

Applying our protective film is hassle-free. It can be fixed to your dies using double-sided tape or with a set of tensioners, which we also offer. Our film is versatile and compatible with various materials, ensuring optimal performance and protection during bending operations.

Exceptional Results, Every Time

When you choose TFI Co's Urethane Mark Free Die Bending Film, you can expect exceptional results. Our film provides a reliable barrier against marking and scratching, ensuring that your components come out of the bending process in pristine condition, ready for the next stage of production.

Protect Your Components, Boost Your Productivity

Investing in our protective film is an investment in your productivity. By preventing unwanted marks and lines, you can streamline your production process and deliver high-quality components to your customers. Trust TFI Co to provide the protective film solution you need for efficient and mark-free press brake bending operations.