About TFICo.


TFI Co Started Manufacturing steel blades and machine knives from 1965

Over time the reputation of TFI has extended among customers, the quality of the blades and the durability of the cutters made clients confident about their Blade Supplier. TFI assured the market the promise of long term business relationship and close ties with the different departments of the companies.

We share the information of our 52 years experience with factories to increase their production efficiency. TFI Skilled Hands are trained to add value to alloy steel. We take advantage of modern technology combined with well educated human resources to prepare the finest steel blades and machine knives ever can be built. NOT everyone can Cook the Steel.

We know how to Mold Steel, What makes the Alloy Steel Different in their Characteristics and how to get what our customers production demands out of raw materials. The way the Brothers in TFI Differentiate the Alloy Steel Applications makes TFI to Exploit the the full hardness and great Strength of Steel Work for industries among the nations.

Leading Manufacturer Since 1965

Since 1965, TFI Co has been a leading manufacturer of steel blades and machine knives, catering to the diverse needs of industries worldwide. With a long-standing reputation for quality and durability, TFI has become the trusted supplier of choice for press brake tools and bending tools.

Exceptional Performance and Precision

Our press brake tools are meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance, precision, and longevity. Years of experience and expertise have allowed us to refine our manufacturing processes, ensuring that our tools meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Unleash Your Production Potential

When you choose TFI as your press brake tool supplier, you gain access to our extensive knowledge and experience. We understand the complexities of alloy steel and how to harness its unique characteristics to meet your specific production demands.

Experience Excellence

When it comes to press brake tools and bending tools, trust TFI Co to deliver excellence. Experience the difference our precision-crafted tools can make in your production processes. Contact us today and let us help you unlock the full potential of your press brake machine.

Our Production

We Never Stop Developing our tooling as solutions for customer projects, We Always find the new methods to have the most efficient production lines served with our engineered designs for press brake machines 

Precision-Crafted Press Brake Bending Tools

Our skilled hands are trained to add value to alloy steel, using a combination of modern technology and well-educated human resources. At TFI, we take pride in our ability to 'cook the steel' and create the finest press brake tools and machine knives in the industry.

Long-Term Partnerships in Middle east market

We believe in fostering long-term business relationships, and that's why we collaborate closely with our customers. By sharing our 52 years of experience, we help factories increase their production efficiency and achieve their goals.

Maximize Your Manufacturing Potential

TFI Co. stands apart from the competition through our deep understanding of alloy steel applications. We exploit the full hardness and strength of steel, allowing industries across nations to maximize their manufacturing potential.