Press Brake , Manufacturing from Scratch, By TFICO Press  brake Tools TFICo
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We Do Design from Scratch for Customizing based on Customer Enquiry and We Do Manufacture the machines,

Machine We Design and Manufacture are based on the climate of GCC States , Machine to Operate in Metal working Factories and the components from The hose , valves hydraulic and electrical Equipments have the highest heat and humidity resistance to last life time in Middle East .

We Modify the production line of Press brake machine manufacturing based on the specific applications of the customers for their factory and projects, the machine below is designed to bend 20 mm Stainless Steel Sheets in less than 1 meter to have satisfied of 2 years project of customers in a very efficient manner. and saved 66% costs for customers

Now Which Machine You need?

What is the MAX thickness you desire to bend?

In Which length you would Like to Perform The Bend?

How About the material You Have in Mind for your project?

We will Design the tools and Machine Power for you to meet the efficiency of your factory along with quality of your machines